Bellevue WA

Bellevue Custom Awnings



Custom awnings are an excellent compliment to residential and commercial properties thanks to the enhancements they bring to a building. The benefits of adding an awning are multi fold:


  • Provide protection against UV rays

  • Increase energy savings

  • Increase savings on household maintenance

  • Provide weather and rain protection

  • Extend living and entertaining space

  • Provide easy identification in any neighborhood

  • Depending on seasonal use, awnings can reliably last more than five years

  • Improve the overall appearance of a home or building

  • Reduce solar heat and glareProvide insulation for the home




Why not allow Tacoma Tent & Awning to find a style for your home?


Product Offerings


Being able to provide over 80 years of service to the residential, commercial and industrial communities of Washington has inspired a wealth of knowledge for Tacoma Tent & Awning to guide their long-term growth. 


As mastery comes with the successful application of knowledge, manufacturing every type of awning serves as a testament to the breadth of the field. However, we feel our skills are best showcased in offering high-quality window awnings, Bellevue custom awnings, retractable awnings, custom awnings, patio covers, event tents, and tarps. 


All awnings have a high-quality metal frame finished by an array of coverings. Typical fabrics utilized come from Sunbrella, Awnmax, Nite-Lite, Natura, and Weblon Coastline Plus product lines.




One common concern among customers is whether the products are waterproof. Know that the fabrics used for our awnings, tents, and tarps are of top-quality construction. The majority of material types available are inherently mildew, stain and dirt resistant. Some are completely waterproof, if not water repellent, like the Sunbrella group of offerings. As a result of the high finish on the fabric, several offerings are also easy to clean and endure in the sun’s heat.




It may seem easy and straightforward, but hidden factors exist when it comes to the installation of a custom awning. First, take into account that crafting a custom awning may take anywhere from weeks to months before it is installation-ready. 


Upon project completion, a representative can usually give a rough estimate about target dates to finish the contract. From then, an on-site professional can give another estimate as to completion. With all preparations due, the installation might take between thirty minutes and two hours. However, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind the outlier factors of an on-site installation. These can include inclement weather, unexpected complications, complexity of a given project, assembly, and overall project scope.


Please understand that with custom awnings, the industry recommends using a trained and experienced professional to perform the installation. Standard measurements for windows and doors do exist, but remember that with a large variety of buildings, no “cookie-cutter” solution will always be ideal. Taking the time to assess exact measurements for a perfect fit will lead to a beautifully executed job. Let your custom awning reflect your tastes, both in and out of your home.