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Event Tents, Custom Awnings, Tarps & Covers

If you want your business to stand out, a great custom awning can do that for you. A custom awning can really make your business’s storefront pop and stand out amongst the other ones on the street, making it easier for customers to find your store or restaurant and enticing them to come inside! We serve a variety of businesses with our Olympia awning installation and repair, including hotels, apartment buildings and more, as well as residences.

Custom awnings are awnings that are specifically designed to fit your business — from your building to your branding. When you contact us about for a quote on a custom awning, we’ll evaluate the place where you want to install it and take the appropriate measurements to design the awning specifically to fit where you want to put it, whether it’s over the entryway to your business or over a few windows. Then our design team will take it from there!

Maybe you want a custom awning to show off your business’s name or logo, or maybe you want one to provide your customers with a bit of shade. Maybe you simply want to recover an existing awning that you already have to update it and give it a new logo. Regardless of what type of custom awning you want, we will be more than happy to work with you to deliver quality results that meet your business’s needs and that you can be proud of.

Olympia Custom Awning FAQs

1. Are all of your awnings waterproof?

Some of our awnings are indeed waterproof. However, it depends upon the type of awning that you get. For instance, our solar screen shades and retractable awnings are not 100% waterproof because they are designed to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. They are water resistant, though, which means that they resist water damage and weather better than some other types of awnings.

2. How long does it take to install a custom awning?

The specific amount of time that it takes for us to install a custom awning depends upon many factors, such as the type of awning that you want installed, our current backlog and the availability of the materials needed to construct your awning. Generally, you can expect the lead time to vary anywhere between one and six weeks. In some cases, such as when a permit is needed, it might take up to 2 months simply because the permit paperwork must be processed. We will always attempt to install your custom awning as soon as possible so that you can begin enjoying its benefits right away!

3. What are some of my custom awning, tarps, covers and canopy options in Olympia?

We offer our clients fabric awnings and other canopy options to choose from. Fabric awnings look great over storefronts, can be designed with your logo, and can help you build a better image for your business. If you’re in need of a temporary covering for a business project, then we also offer other solutions as well, such as cost-effective structures made to house temporary business stands. We also have tarps and covers designed for use in a warehouse or to protect your business equipment from the elements.

As you can see, we’ve got you covered when it comes to custom awnings in Olympia or any other custom coverings! We also offer event tents and complex protective covers for industrial use. Contact us today for a quote.

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