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If you want to create a sharp new image for your business to make it more memorable for your customers, consider investing in a custom awning. Our custom commercial awnings are made of quality fabrics that are specially made to withstand the elements and will give your business that upscale, important look that you’re going for — especially if you also add your logo and branding elements.

Custom awnings are also great for providing your customers with a bit of shade and shelter as they’re entering and exiting your building. An awning gives your customers a place to get in out of the rain or snow when there’s moisture outside, and that in itself is sometimes enough of an incentive to garner customers in off the street.

Even if you already have an awning and simply want to recover it with a new business name, logo or design, we can do that for you too to help you get the image you want.

Of course, it’s natural that you would have some questions you want answered before you install a custom awning, and we’re more than happy to answer them for you.

  1. How do custom awnings work?

Custom awnings, as their name implies, are designed specifically to fit your exterior space. We can customize the size of the fabric needed to create your awning to fit the size of the outdoor space that you want to be covered. Unlike a canopy, some custom awnings can be easily retracted in just a minute or less.

  1. Are all of your Seattle custom awnings waterproof?

Some of our awnings are waterproof, but all of our awnings are water-resistant. A waterproof awning will be able to withstand more extreme weather than a water-resistant one. But although our retractable awnings and solar screen shades aren’t 100% waterproof, they are durable and made to resist water as much as possible if you forget and leave them extended during a rainstorm.

  1. How long does it take to install a custom awning?

The lead time usually varies from one week to six weeks, depending on our backlog and the availability of the materials needed. However, if a permit is required, the municipality may take up to 2 months to process a permit. We will always work with you to install your custom awning as quickly as we possibly can for convenience.

  1. How much shade do they provide?

Not only do custom awnings keep you out of direct sunlight, but they can also decrease the temperature of the outdoor patio or space beneath them by as much as 10 degrees, and sometimes even a little more. They will definitely make you and your customers more comfortable by keeping the sun from shining directly on you and in your eyes.

  1. What kinds of businesses do you serve?

We provide commercial awnings for all kinds of storefronts. Our commercial awnings are also custom-made to fit your situation, and they can be retractable as well so that you can store them away when they aren’t in use.

Our custom awnings start with quality frames that are durable and made to last, and we use high-quality fabrics that are also made to withstand wear and tear. To top it all off, our retractable custom awnings are easy to operate, regardless of whether you select from the hand-crank or remote-controlled variety. The hand-crank ones are relatively easy to crank open and shut, and the remote-controlled ones are even easier to open and shut with the simple press of a button.

If you’re worried about wind destroying your custom awning, we can easily design it to withstand 90 mph wind gusts and higher. For retractable awnings, we can install a wind sensor on your awning that will make it so that the awning will automatically go in when the wind gets above a certain strength. Likewise, we can also install a sun sensor that will make it so that the awning automatically opens when the sun comes out. Our custom awnings are designed to offer you innovative features to make your outdoor spaces easier and more enjoyable to spend time in.

Contact us today to learn how to go about getting your own custom awning designed for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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